Project Completion Deadlines

These dates are "no later than" dates. Participants are encouraged to submit work prior to these dates. Please do not ask for an extension of any of these dates. Submissions should be to Help in setting up your schedule leading to assessment (formerly referred to as the defense) is provided by calling 1-269-471-3552. Where dates fall on a week-end or holiday, count the next business day as the deadline.

Incremental steps which must be completed in preparation for project oral assessment/defense and graduation:
To complete the DMin program and graduate in —> December May August

To meet graduation application deadlines
(and to avoid further registration fees for those in extension status)

Notify the DMin office via email from your advisor (in agreement with your second reader) that you are ready for the project assessment no later than...

Make sure you receive a documented response from the DMin office and submit your manuscript within a week after your approval.

7-April 1-Aug 7-Dec
Provide a completed electronic copy of your project document to the DMin office a week after your advisor's approval has been submitted. 14-April 8-Aug 14-Dec
The DMin office sends a copy of your project document to an editor no later than... 21-May 7-Oct 21-Jan
The DMin office sets a date for your oral assessment... 4-June 21-Oct 4-Feb
The DMin office selects a third reader for the oral assessment committee no later than... 1-Jul 1-Dec 1-Mar
The DMin office receives the edited copy from the editor and distributes it to the entire committee and participant no later than... 21-Aug 21-Dec 21-Apr
Submit your application for graduation no later than... 5-Aug 5-Jan 5-May
All DG's (deferred grades) for modules and course work must be cleared before the oral assessment      
Oral assessment event is held successfully during... 15-Sep to 15-Oct 22-Jan to 12-Mar 15-May to 13-Jun
DMin office submits Recommendation for Graduation to Graduate Records office by... 15-Oct 15-Feb 5-Jun
Order your regalia (if you choose custom regalia) no later than... N/A 15-Feb 15-May
Post-assessment revisions are submitted to and approved by the advisor, and the DMin office informed of such, no later than...

(Make sure you receive a documented response from the DMin office and submit your manuscript within two weeks after your oral assessment.)
29-Oct 24-Mar 23-Jun
The revised project document is submitted to the DMin office, then submitted by the DMin office to the editor for post-assessment editing no later than... 5-Nov 1-Apr 6-Jul
DMin office submits Project Completion form to Graduate Records office by... 12-Dec 22-Apr 23-Jul