MA in Pastoral Ministry

THST 627 Roman Catholic Life and Thought 










Professor: Darius Jankiewicz
Date: March 20-24, 2016
Location: Southeastern California Conference, Riverside, California

Course Description

An introduction to Roman Catholic theology. Attention given to major doctrinal formulations, dogmas, and practices from the patristic period to the present in dialogue with Scripture.

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Student Attendee List:

  1. Ira Barksdale
  2. Germeen Fargo
  3. Kietrich Germany
  4. Stewart Harty
  5. Kelly Kessinger
  6. Jorge Larrondo
  7. Enoch Lee
  8. Danny Marenco
  9. Tim McMillen
  10. Carissa McSherry
  11. Elbert Moralde
  12. David Pikop
  13. Quentin Purvis 
  14. Anita Roberts
  15. Joelle Reuer
  16. Ivan (Jack) Robinson
  17. Fernando Rossi
  18. Elizer Sacay
  19. Sukho Shon
  20. Peter Thomas
  21. Tony Yang