M.A. in Pastoral Ministry

 OTST 546  Studies in the English OT: Daniel







Professor: Paul Gregor
Date: May 20-24, 2018
Location: Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI

Course Description:

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) The student should be able to:

  1. Clearly understand historical and socio-political background in which the book of Daniel came into existence.
  2. Grasp basic meaning of nature and function of an Old Testament prophet and prophecy.
  3. Achieve knowledge of simple and complex prophecies concerning the history of human kind.
  4. See how God interfered in the history of humanity for the benefit of human race.
  5. Interpret the prophecies written in the book of Daniel concerning the last days of the Earth’s history.
  6. Able to apply all this material to his personal life and to use most of it in his ministry.

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