Cast Your Net Wider!

Get your MDiv and amplify it with a dual degree from the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary

We have partnered with other departments to offer dual initiatives that will give you a second degree in addition to your MDiv. Driven by insights from the front lines of ministry, our four practical dual-degree courses are designed to make an immediate impact in your ministry. In addition to gaining fundamental knowledge in key areas like Social Work, Communication/Media, International Development and Public Health, you’ll learn to motivate your congregations to better serve the community, create winning strategies, increase community outreach, build a culture of lifestyle evangelism, and lead congregations to better deeper spirituality. Completion time will vary depending on the degree and each semester’s course load; consult with an advisor for more information.


MDiv/Master of Art in Communication

Reach the world in relevant ways and strengthen the church’s mission.
Additional career opportunities: Hope Channel, 3ABN, Amazing Facts, Adventist World Radio, church, conference, union, and division-level communication

MDiv/Master of Social Work (MSW)

Improve quality of life for communities with the know-how of clinical social work.
Additional career opportunities: Licensed therapist, run a community center, organize groups and community events

MDiv/Master of Public Health (MPH)

Combine pastoral ministry with health education to help restore health in your community.
Additional career opportunities: Public health professional, ADRA, health advising, run community health centers/seminars

MDiv/Master of Science in Community and International Development

Gain practical training in addressing urban issues, advocacy, program management, and emergency/humanitarian crisis preparedness.
Additional career opportunities: ADRA, Red Cross, World Vision, World Bank, Unit