New Students

Welcome Brochure


  • Congratulations on joining our program! This document contains important information about your next steps.
  • Create a username and password in the Andrews system. Do that here.
  • All students are required to watch the online orientation videos before arriving on campus.

Orientation Videos

These videos help provide an overview of life at Andrews University and also form a part of the New Student Orientation:

Informational Videos
  • Be sure to register for the proper number of credits for each class. See your checksheet.
  • Learn how to update your checksheet with a video tutorial:
    • This video is for students in the 2021-22 bulletin and earlier.
    • This video is for students in the 2022-23 bulletin and later.
  • Please make careful selections using the full course number and name. (ex. CHIS674 Development of SDA Theology)
  • When you make your course selections, please consult with your advisor.
    • To make an appointment with your advisor, click here.
  • Inform your advisor of your language plans as well. We will reply with suggested course changes or with approval to register.
  • This video walks you through the registration process.
  • To ensure that all students have the same baseline in biblical Greek and Hebrew, the school requires that they either take classes through the intermediate level in both languages upon arriving at seminary or, if they have already studied Greek &/or Hebrew in college, and feel that they hold a current intermediate level proficiency, they may test out of the language.
  • Any student who wishes to take a biblical language placement exam must take at least one of the exams in May or August of the year they first enroll in the seminary. If the student wishes to take the exam for the second language it must be taken before the start of their second year in seminary. To register for a placement exam, please email and give the language for which you want to take the test.

Hebrew and Greek study resources

Click on the links below for helpful study sheets that you can use in preparation for your qualifier exams.

Contact the Old Testament department for Hebrew test information:

Contact the New Testament department for Greek test information:

Greek I

  • Mastering NT Greek by Ted Hildebrandt is an interactive site which contains the text book and other materials that will help you with Greek 1.

Greek II


  • Daily Dose of Hebrew is the Hebrew version of Daily Dose of Greek.
  • Animated Hebrew is a very good Hebrew I site that provides a strong a foundation for basic Hebrew. The site contains video lectures, a parsing interacting program, vocabulary flash cards and other resources.
  • Hebrew Grammar I is also a video lecture which provides the essential principles of phonology, morphology and syntax. The text book for this course is found here.
  • Worship Requirements: All students registered for 8 credits or more ON CAMPUS are required to attend 10 chapels during Fall and Spring semesters, and 4 during the summer semester. Be sure to bring your ID Card EVERY time you go to chapel! Credit will not be given if you forget your card.
  • Full time (8 credits or more) Students in residence on campus are required to attend ten (10) Chapels during the Fall and Spring Semesters and four (4) Chapels during the Summer Semester. If you are consistent in attending chapels, you won't have to make up any at the end.
  • Follow these steps to check your Chapel attendance:
    1. Go to Vault
    2. Click on My Account (Left Bar)
    3. Log in with your username and password
    4. Click Banner Web
    5. Click Student Services
    6. Click Accounts Receivable
    7. Click Seminary Chapel Attendance Record
  • If you need to make up missed chapel attendance before graduation, typed reports of previous recordings must be submitted to the MDiv Office.
    • This link will take you to the Seminary Chapel Resources page. View days that you missed and write a two page, typewritten reaction to the chapel. These MUST be turned in to the MDiv office ( no later than one month prior to your graduation date.
    • If you feel that you are missing chapels incorrectly, please talk to Shari Smoot ( in the Dean’s office.
  • Students in their first year of study are encouraged to advise with Keila to ensure a proper scheduling of classes.
  • Students preparing to graduate must meet with our Administrative Assistant, Mona, to ensure a clean finish.
  • Students in between their first year and last semester are encouraged to consult Degree Works, their checksheet and iVue to make class choices. You are welcome to seek advising if you wish, but it is not required.
    • Please follow this link to make an advising appointment with Mona or Keila.
  • If you have not already done so, please discuss with Alice in NADEI about your Advanced Ministerial Development and Field Evangelism requirements, to see how and when you will take these classes. Without this knowledge, it will be difficult to advise you for other courses.
    • Please follow this link to make an appointment to meet with Alice.