With the hybrid option, the MDiv is more flexible than ever! Make your schedule work for you, taking classes on campus, online, and through intensives across the US. Take up to 50% of your credits away from campus!

The MDiv at Andrews University seeks to provide as much flexibility as possible to our students. Accepted MDiv students may take up to 50% of their program via the “hybrid” course offerings (the remaining 50% of the credits must be taken in residence on the Andrews University campus). This option is available to students at either the beginning or the end of their MDiv program. The speed of completion of the MDiv program will depend upon the number of credits earned in a year. It is expected that students in the hybrid program will take longer to earn their degree, as they will likely not be taking classes full time.
  • Online classes. These classes are semester-long, but are asynchronous, allowing students the flexibility of doing class work when it fits best into their schedule. Certain projects and tests may have fixed due dates, but there are no scheduled weekly class sessions that students must work around.
  • On-campus summer intensives. Summer classes are offered in either two week or one month long blocks. These classes not only provide the flexibility of taking classes in a shorter-time than a full semester, they also count towards the 50% of credits that must be taken on-campus.
  • Courses offered by the MA Pastoral Ministry (MAPM) program offered in Unions throughout the United States and Canada. These classes are intensives of no more than a week. Find more information about the MAPM program on the InMinistry Center page.

Master Schedule

  • This schedule shows all the classes that are available online and through the MAPM program.
  • Students should also consider taking summer courses on campus, which are offered in shorter blocks. View the Summer 2022 Schedule.
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