Frequently Asked Questions

AMD is built around the mentoring relationship between a ministry context mentor and an individual seminarian in area churches or community ministry settings. It fosters the formation of ministry practitioners who are intentional about theological reflection to create an insightful religious practice. Two credits required for the MDiv program.

AMD provides MDiv students with opportunities to:
  1. Clarify the nature of their calling.
  2. Develop ministry competencies with the guidance of a field mentor.
  1. Please find on Learning Hub the list of pastors/leaders of area churches and ministries who participate as ministry context coaches. Spend some time making connections with coaches and visiting churches and ministries in the area.
  2. You will choose an area of ministry focus based on the North American Division Core Qualities of an Effective Pastor (see list of Qualities below).
  3. When choosing your church or ministry for AMD be sure to confirm that opportunities are available to minister in your area of focus.
  4. Contact the pastor or ministry leader of your choice and ask whether they can accept you as an AMD student. If the ministry context coach confirms your request, agree on several specific ministry duties that you will fulfill and set some learning goals towards improvement in your area of ministry focus.
  5. Please complete the ministry contract form with a detailed description of ministry activities you will be involved in to gain the expertise needed for the chosen Core Quality. You can access the ministry contract form on Learning Hub.
  6. The final step will be to make an appointment with Alice McIntyre by using this link . During this appointment, Alice will review your contract and advise accordingly.
  1. No mileage reimbursement will be given until your church contract has been submitted and approved by the Advanced Ministerial Development Advisor at NAD Evangelism Institute. Trips occurring prior to approval of your contract are not reimbursable. Mileage reimbursement will be paid during your one year AMD contract and may continue if you stay with the same church after your one year contract ends as long as you are a full time MDiv Student.
  2. Reimbursement is provided for up to ONE round-trip per week to attend Sabbath Worship Services. For two of the weeks during the month a mid-week ministry trip may be substituted for the worship service. Remember, maximum of ONE trip per week will be reimbursed.
  3. Mileage to area churches has been predetermined and reimbursement will be calculated based on that amount, regardless of actual miles traveled. The maximum is 100 miles roundtrip, even if the church is farther away. Also please note that there is no reimbursement for local Berrien Springs churches.
  4. Submit your mileage report monthly to the Seminary Dean’s Office – mileage reports will not be accepted if they are submitted more than 30 days from the latest date of travel.
  5. Checks will be available to be picked-up at the Seminary Dean’s office approximately eight days after submitting the mileage form.