The Theological Field Education (TFE) Committee seeks the best-qualified Ministry Context Mentors for partnership in the TFE Program.

   Qualifications for Ministry Context Mentor (MCM):

      • Possesses a master’s degree in a ministry related field or has 10 years of competent ministry experience in lieu of a Master’s degree.*

      • Has served in a full-time ministry position for at least three years.*

      • Has served in their current position for at least one year.*

      • Will commit to participate in required MCM Orientation and Training Sessions.

      • Commits to being a supportive and confidential person with whom the student can share openly and honestly.

      • Adheres to Andrews University standards regarding sexual harassment and misconduct and exhibits ethical behavior and respect for boundaries at all times.

      • Has a deep interest in being a mentor and time to devote to mentoring responsibilities.

      • Commits to the seminarian’s spiritual, professional, and personal growth.

      • Commits to completing required reports in a timely manner.

      • May not be a relative of the student       

       *Requests for exceptions to the TFE Mentor Qualifications should be brought to the Theological Field Education Committee for consideration.

If you want to become a mentor, complete the application below.

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