Doctor of Missiology (2024-2025)

Description of the Program

The Doctor of Intercultural Studies (DIS) program equips practitioners, leaders, and trainers who minister in cross-cultural mission situations through focused study and research in theological and social-science fields of study. The DIS degree is pursued while engaged in ministry. The curriculum is cohort-based and designed to be completed in four modules.

Schedule of Classes

The schedule for the four modules will include:
  • pre-session readings, assignments, and online discussions (March)
  • a residential period of at least 4 weeks on the campus of Andrews University (May/June)  and,
  • post-session projects and/or papers (July-February).
As mentioned above, the time at Andrews is about 4 to 5 weeks per cohort depending on the number of credits you are taking at each cohort session. Example: If you take 10 credits, there will be 20 full days of classes, meaning a full 4 weeks-time here. If you take 12 credits, you will have to spend at least 24 full days of classes here, which means 5 weeks.


Third and Fourth Year Students (May 6 –June 3, 2024)

Course Number Course Name Credits Teacher Intensive Dates
MSSN820 The Church & Social Issues 3.0 Petr Cincala /Rene Drumm May 6-14
MSSN 880 Mission Education and Training 3.0 Cheryl Doss May 15-23  
MSSN 834 Mission Strategy and Leadership 3.0 Bruce Bauer  May 24 - June 3


First and Second Year Students (May 28 – July 2, 2024)

Course Number Course Name Credits Teacher Intensive Dates
 MSSN 829 Seminar in Other Religions 3.0 Andrew Tompkins May 28 - June 5
MSSN 840

Research Methods in Mission and Ministry

(1st year students only)
3.0 Boubakar Sanou June 6 - 14
MSSN 854 

Research Design in Mission

(2nd year students only)
3.0  Petr Cincala June 6 - 14
MSSN 838 Mission and the Social Sciences 5.0 Sanou/Drumi/Tompkins June 17 - July 2

Admissions Requirements

The minimum admission requirements are:

  • An MDiv degree or its educational equivalent, or other advanced masters-level degrees in the related cognate discipline.
  • A GPA of at least 3.3 on a 4-point scale.
  • Have taken MSSN 546 Mission in Cultural and Religious Context (3 semester credits) or its equivalent.
  • A minimum TOEFL score of 85 (iBT) or 565 (paper-based) if secondary and undergraduate schooling was not in English or if requested by the DMiss Program Committee.
  • A significant work experience (typically 3 years or more) in a cross-cultural ministry context.

The Application Process                                                          

The documents required for your application to be completed are:
  • Application form (apply online): 
  • All official undergraduate and graduate transcripts from all schools attended.
  • Three (3) recommendations—one of them must be from a church leader from a cross-cultural/mission setting.
  • 1000-word personal statement.
  • A significant research paper.
  • A detailed description of the applicant’s cross-cultural ministry work and experience.

The application deadline for the next cohort is now November  15, 2023.

Costs and Finances

The cost per each Andrews University doctoral credit is USD 1,471.00 per credit; however, a 50% scholarship discount per credit will be provided to each student accepted into the DIS program. Students with sponsors (or employing organization) need to provide the balance of tuition costs, fees, plus transportation to Andrews University once per year, and the cost of room and board while at Andrews.

A conservative estimate of the DIS Cohort is as follows:
  • Tuition: the tuition fee for the 2023-2024 school year: $1,471.00 USD per credit. (Please note that there may be a 5-10% increase per year according to AU policy.) With the 50% discount on tuition, you and/or your sponsoring organization will pay 50% of the tuition rate only.
  • Room & Board : The estimated cost for your room may range from $300.00 to $1,000.00 depending on where you would like to stay. (If you are interested in staying in university apartments, visit for possible options and let us know. We will see if they are available for you.) For food costs, it is $8.00 to $10.00 per meal if you want to have it in the school cafeteria. But again, it varies if you want to fix your own meal or to have it somewhere else.
  • Books: It costs around $300.00 to $500.00 per cohort depending on the number of classes and teachers’ book requirements.

International Students

If you are an international student, you will need to come to Andrews on a student visa (F-1 or J-1) - Not applicable for 2022.
How to Apply
Contact Information
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