Records Retention Schedules

About the Schedule

Knowing what records to keep and for how long is challenging.  A records retention schedule defines the period of time that records should be retained and when they should be destroyed.  Various requirements based in law and university policy govern the retention of administrative records.  A retention schedule is critical for promoting responsible records management, mitigating risk, and ensuring consistent compliance across Andrews University.  The Andrews University Archives Committee (AUAC) is charged with developing and maintaining the universitywide records retention schedule.  Questions regarding the schedule should be directed to the University Archivist.

The schedule ensures procedures to manage the retention and disposal of University records, and is intended to ensure that the University:

  • meets legal standards
  • properly manages the use of electronic and physical storage space
  • preserves the history of the University
  • disposes of outdated Records

No one person or unit can be directly responsible for all University Records. Therefore, every office or department managing University records is responsible for:

  • implementing records management practices consistent with this schedule
  • educating staff in the records management practices
  • preserving records as required under this schedule
  • properly disposing of inactive records at the end of the applicable retention period
  • protecting records against misuse, misplacement, damage, destruction, or theft
  • monitoring compliance with this schedule

University Records are the property of the University and not of the officers, faculty members, or employees who create them or to whom they are entrusted.