Resources for Faculty & Staff

The Internet Resources section on the Resources for Wellness and Mental Health page has a wealth of information on mental health issues that students face (e.g., depression, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, etc.). In addition to mental health topics, The Unabridged Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection provides information about developmental and academic issues that university students face (e.g., coping with a break up, test-taking anxiety, study habits, time management, cultural adjustment). Though the majority of these virtual pamphlets are written for students, those in a supportive role (parents, faculty, staff) will find them helpful as they seek to better understand students' experiences in order to provide appropriate assistance. The website is another good source of information on wellness-related topics (e.g., stress management, tips to improve sleep, effective communication) that are appropriate for students, parents, faculty, and staff. 

These are links to resources to assist you in your work with students:


Additional Campus and Community Resources to Consider:

Campus Safety: 269-471-3321

University Student Intervention Team (USIT): 269-471-3321;

Dean for Student Life: 269-471-3215

Student Success Center: 269-471-6096

Campus Ministries: 269-471-3211;

University Medical Specialties: 269-473-2222

Berrien County Victim Assistance: 269-982-8640

Neighbor to Neighbor (Adventist Community Services): 269-471-7411

Riverwood Center’s 24 Hour Crisis Hotline: 800-336-0341