Course Surveys

Courses surveys provide the opportunity to give important feedback to instructors on the effectiveness of the course.  The purpose of administering and analyzing course surveys is to promote quality teaching by providing the student perspective to key stakeholders. This allows for faculty and administrators to review course survey results and determine faculty strengths and areas of practice that may need improvement. Course surveys are not meant to be the only measure of teaching effectiveness.

Philosophy of Course Surveys

Course Survey Questions

Sample course survey form

Course Survey Results -2015-2017, 2017-2019


Are results anonymous?

  • All results are held strictly confidential.
  • No individual is able to see responses to course surveys until after grades are submitted for the semester.
  • The system does not allow an instructor to connect ANY quanititative responses with an individual student. Unless a student identifies him or herself in the comments section.  The comment sections are similiarly assured of its confidentiality.

Scheduling of Course Surveys

  • Course surveys are set up to go out two weeks prior to Exam week.
  • They are set up to go out on a Monday for most of the campus and on Tuesday for the seminary. 
  • They first reminder will typically be the Friday of that week you recieve your initial invitation.
  • Reminders go out every three days after the first reminder on Friday.
  • Surveys typically close at Midnight on the Sunday before exam week

How do I get my certificate of completion if I did not receive it by email?

  • Contact Laura Carroll in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at and they will send your certificate to you.
  • Please provide your name, andrews email address, the course name and course ID for the fastest response of getting your certificate.

Faculty Information

  • Extra Questions: If you would like to add any additional questions for your course, please submit questions to Laura Carroll at by Friday, two weeks before course surveys are distributed. Include course and course ID with your request.
  • Increase Response Rates: To ensure a good response rate, we strongly recommend that you take 10 minutes in class, on the first two days of the survey period, to have students take the survey on their electronic devices.
    • Other ways to encourage student participation include.
      • Tell students how much you value their feedback
      • Provide some small incentive, and ask students to submit their Certificate of Completion as proof. (Even an extra point can motivate them!)
  • Response Rate Notification: If your response rates are below 60%, you will receive an automatically generated email on Sunday afternoon, almost a week after the survey starts, so that you can further encourage your students during the last week of classes.
    • Remember, there must be at least four responses to receive a course report. Otherwise, this data will be aggregated in your annual summary report, available the beginning of August each year.
  • Course Survey Reports: Individual course survey reports will be sent within 4 weeks, but sent after grades are due for each semester. A copy of the course survey will be sent to the chair and dean of each department and school, respectively.  Deans and Chairs will receive aggregated reports of the individual schools and departments (as long as there was at least 4 faculty that received responses that semester in a department.)
    • Cross Listed Course Survey Reports: Will be aggregated and reported by requested. Please indicate the semester of the course, course ID's and names of courses that are cross listed in your request.
    • Course surveys with lower than 4 responses: Course survey reports will need to be requested after several semesters of the same course for a course survey report to be generated to ensure confidentiality.