Job Posting Process

Job Posting Request

Job postings may be requested for a new budgeted position or to fill/refill an existing position. It must be completed for all open positions, including student positions, and must be posted for a minimum of five working days. Exceptions for the posting requirement may be made for instances when a position will be filled internally (within the same department).

Please click here to begin a new request or review existing postings: Job Postings

Once submitted, you will be able to track its progress in the approval queue and will be notified when it is posted on the jobs@Andrews webpage.

Receiving Applications 

In the job posting request form, submitters may indicate those in the approval queue who should be recipients of applications as well as any other additional persons. Recipients will receive an email notification of each application submission.

Please click here to view a list of applicants: Applicants by Position

Closure Request

Once a decision has been made on a candidate(s), a job posting closure request will need to be submitted to begin the closure process. This is done in the Applicants by Position section.

The main menu for managing job postings and applicants can be found here: Manage Job Postings/Applications