Recruitment & Onboarding

One of the most important decisions a manager will make is to hire the right person for the right position.  This section of the Tools page will help you with this objective by reviewing the procedures in developing, recruiting and hiring for a position.   As important, to ensure that new hires feel welcome and experience a smooth transition at Andrews University, we also provide information for you to help them get off to a good start.  Your new hires should have reviewed the New Employees section of the website before or at the start of their employment.


HR Hiring Process


Student Hiring Process

The following process must be completed before a student can begin working.

  1. Fill out section 1 of the Student Work Permit form
  2. Submit to HR: work permit form and new student employee forms (if applicable)
  3. Once cleared, student returns work permit form to department
  4. After receiving signed off work permit from, submit a Rate Sheet (or other hiring) form