Telephone, Email, Computer System, Key Access

How do I establish an email account with Andrews?

  • Go to and select “Username Activation.”  This can be established if an ID number has been created. 

How do I get keys?

  • Authorization cards are available at the Plant Administration office, located on the 1st floor of the Administration building, or in your department.
  • Department director signature is required.
  • Call Plant Administration at ext. 3284 if you do not know which keys you need.

How do I set up my voicemail box and phone identification?

  • Call Telecommunications at extension 3499 to set up a voicemail password.
  • Be sure to sign into the voicemail system and personalize your voicemail greeting and personal verification as soon as possible (detailed instructions can be obtained from the Telecommunications department, or found in your department).
  • If your department chair would like the outgoing caller ID to display your name, have him/her email with your name and the associated telephone number.

How do I get long-distance access codes in order to make calls?

  • Have your supervisor email requesting a PAC (Personal Access Code) for you, listing:
    • your name
    • ID number
    • the Inter Department Charge (IDC) number
    • how you want to be notified when it is ready
  • Pick up PAC at the ITS

How do I get access to Banner and Redwood computer systems?

  • Complete the Administrative Computing Request Form found on the ITS Administrative Systems webpage, or from the ITS reception desk.
  • Signatures by you and your department director are required, as well as the appropriate signatures for the Banner product you need to access.
  • Email the completed form to or take form to the ITS reception desk in the IS building (next to the Gym – double doors on the west side of the building) for processing (questions: ext. 3455).

Where can I acquire a campus directory?

  • Andrews University campus directories are available at the Office of University Communications, or at the Office of Human Resources.