Administrative Systems

Frequently Used Links

For access to data

  • iVue privileges are granted by role. Department chairs, deans and administrators have special privilege that is granted by their appointment as entered by Human Resources upon receipt of the Recommendation for Appointment Form (RAF) - Section C. Instructors have privileges appropriate to their teaching role that is granted automatically when they are listed as the instructor for a course as entered by the registrar.
  • An employee can be granted the above "roles" as a "proxy". The instructor or administrator must login to iVue and use the "Designate Proxies" button to grant the desired roles.
  • For access to Administrative Banner or redwood please use the Administrative Computing Request Form (ACR Form).  The person needing access should fill part A and B and scan/photo that page and forward it on to their department head.   The department head needs to fill out part C and forward scanned parts A-C to the product data stewards for their authorization.  The data stewards will forward parts A-C to the database administrator ( with their corrections or approval.  You can contact the data stewards or the database administrator for what classes or objects you may need if the department head does not already know what to request. 
    The data stewards for the following products are as follow:
    • Student or Redwood Menu: Samuel Villamizar (
    • Accounts Receivable or Financial Aid: Elynda Bedney (
    • Finance: Sharyl Turon (
    • Human Resources: Beverly Brown (
    • Alumni: Laura Malcolm (
    • Development: Dennis Hollingsead (
  • Access to shared drive resource requests should be directed to Client Services—see link at left.
  • Email listserve requests should be directed here.

What We Do

We provide support for the Administrative computing functions on campus. This includes Advancement, all Financial areas, Student Records/Registrar, Human Resources, Campus Safety and academic departments as they relate to administration. Banner software provided by Ellucian resides on an Oracle database and is used for many functions. However, significant additional applications are locally developed and supported.

Banner Support


Hacking exploits have been discovered in Java, which is required by Internet Native Banner (Banner 8). The Ouch newsletter has security tips to help. We suggest enabling the Java plugin on one browser that you use for Banner. Use another browser for normal website browsing with the Java plugin disabled as described in the link at the end of the January 2013 Ouch newsletter.

Watch announcements from Human Resources for occasional Training sessions. The following documents are also useful.

User Group Interaction

If you are interested in further interaction with the Ellucian community please view these options:

  • Ellucian Commons is a cooperative web sharing community. You can select the subject area(s) corresponding with your interests and set your email notifications.
  • Ellucian Live  is the official yearly user meeting.
  • BUGMI is the Michigan Banner User Group and they usually have yearly meetings.
  • coHesion is a venue for open-source sharing of solutions and also has yearly regional meetings.