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The office of institutional research is committed to supporting the institutional operations through data management, analysis, and distribution. We are here to serve you and to provide you with the tools and information you need to thrive in your work setting. We are also the outward facing contact for agencies expecting regular reporting of institutional data.

Our commitment and responsibilities include:

1. Supporting and promoting data informed decision making at all levels of the University (Key PerformanceI Indicators (KPIs), enrollment, contribution margin, graduation rates, program effectiveness, etc.)

2.  Planning, coordinating, reviewing, resolving issues, and submitting surveys for IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Data System).

3. Reviewing policies and processes related to data use, governance, access and reporting, which guide and/or affect institutional operations, within the Data Governance Coordinating Committee, Data Governance Committee, DGC-Academic subcommittee, and DGC- Faculty subcommittee.

4. Training and supporting users on the utilization of the data tools, data analysis, and dissemination through individual consultations and workshops in collaboration with the Center for Teaching and Learning and Training and Development offices.

5.       Providing oversight and direction for collection, analyses & dissemination of University data. We are responsible for the tools and processes in the following areas for i'll institutional operations including internal and external reports, program review, and accreditation. These areas include but are not limited to:

a.       Key Performance Indicators’ data
b.       Enrollment Summaries
c.       Enrollment in Majors
d.       Contribution Margin
e.       Graduation rates
f.        Other Analytics

We are here to serve you! The best way to reach us is through the ITS help desk ticketing system which can be accessed by clicking here


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