Student Insurance

Andrews University (AU) requires all international students to be covered under the Student Health Insurance Plan, (with few exceptions).  All other students who are enrolled at ½ time status or more, are to be insured by a policy that provides medical coverage for accident or illness.

Domestic students must provide evidence of alternative insurance or purchase the plan offered by Andrews University.  Please see waiver section for additional information on requirements.

Beginning Fall, 2022, coverage for dependents is no longer an option with the student health plan.  Only registered students are permitted to enroll in the student insurance. Short term policies for dependents may be found by searching on the internet.

Since many students are away from home for the first time, it is important that there is some way to pay for these unexpected needs when or if they arise.

It is assumed that high school students who are taking 6 or more collegiate credits, will be fully insured as required by the high school.

Exemptions for International students:  If you are a Canadian student, or sponsored by an agency or government (J visa), or have an employer funded insurance,  special consideration may be given to accept alternate insurance.

Electing AU Student Insurance
Domestic students will be able to elect coverage as they are registering for classes through Registration Central and the student account will be billed immediately. Cancellations will be considered for 30 days after the start of each semester.

International students will not find any option in registration central other than to accept the student health plan.  If a student is eligible for an exemption, they must email to make a request. 

Contacting the Insurance Company
Academic Health Plans is the servicing agent for the current student insurance policy. You can contact them for questions regarding your waiver or enrollment.  Benefits are paid through Aetna.  They may be contacted regarding coverage, payments, or any other question related to your insurance account.

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