Student Employment

One purpose at the Employment office is to assist students in meeting some of their expenses through employment, to provide an orderly process through which students are hired on campus, and to promote a positive correlation between learning and work.

Working allows you to learn to use your time effectively, develop competencies, confidence and workplace skills, and may increase your chances of staying in school. You'll learn to manage your own money, develop a solid work ethic, and test possible career choices.

The material on this website has been prepared to assist both campus supervisors and student employees with the policies and procedures pertaining to the employment of students at the Andrews University campus.

We are responsible for posting open job positions, administering the office tests, instructing and assisting in the completing of the Employment forms, processing and preparing the employment forms for the payroll, and continuously monitoring our files for compliance to Federal and State laws.

Our office is located in the Administration Building, 2nd Floor. Our telephone number is (269) 471-3570 and our fax number is (269) 471-6293.

To view available students jobs, click here:  Student Job Postings