Hiring Checklist for Students

  1. Complete the necessary paperwork

    All students who wish to work on campus must stop by the Employment office, 2nd floor of the Administration Building, and complete all the necessary paperwork, which includes
    • I-9 Form, which requires documentation for verification
    • Federal W-4 withholding form
    • State W-4 withholding form
    • Biological Information Sheet
    Please be sure to read the section about Hiring Documents and Procedures, which gives more specific information on required paperwork.

    International students will also need to complete a Foreign National Information Form, or Orange Form as well as making an appointment to meet with the Employer Coordinator. This appointment is necessary and will allow us to know how to tax properly.

    Direct deposit forms will also be available at all times at the Employment office and the Payroll office.
  2. The Student Employment Authorization Form

    After completing the necessary paperwork, an Employment staff member will review them for completeness, verify eligibility to be a student employee, and will issue a Student Employment Authorization Form which can be submitted to any prospective employer for verification of employability.
  3. Looking for a job

    The Employment office posts open student positions on the online Student Job Postings board or on the job board located on the 2nd floor of the Administration building.

    For additional assistance in locating employment, please feel free to contact our office, extension 3570, and we will gladly provide any assistance possible.
  4. Submit a Rate Sheet or Graduate Assistance Form

    Once a job has been secured, either a rate sheet or Graduate Assistance Form must be submitted to the Employment Office as soon as possible. Once the form is received, then we will be able to process the submitted information and begin the payroll process.

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