Working With Us

In order to ensure that your project progresses in the most timely and orderly manner possible, the Division of Integrated Marketing & Communication strongly recommends that you designate one person from your department or office to be responsible as the contact person for that project. He or she will be the one who attends initial meetings, submits copy, photography, etc., and signs off on all proofs throughout the editing, design and printing stages.

In the normal course of the production of a University publication, a number of stages are encountered in which the client and Integrated Marketing & Communication must interact—getting together to communicate ideas, provide elements of the project, view work in progress, convey timetables, sign-off on proofs of various kinds, etc.

Project Request
Any client interested in designing or redesigning a university publication should complete the online Project Request Form. The request will be reviewed by the Division of Integrated Marketing & Communication. If we are not able to take on the project before the deadline, IMC will help facilitate the process of contracting with an approved freelance vendor.

Initial Meeting
The project manager will schedule an initial meeting and serve as the client's main point of contact throughout the project. Clients should come to the first meeting prepared to discuss creative concepts, budget issues and project delivery dates.

Time Required
On average, projects require six to eight weeks to complete, depending on the complexity of the work and the current workload of the office. Please plan accordingly.

Clients are free to submit their own photographs or utilize Integrated Marketing & Communication's existing image bank. If a specific photo shoot is required, plan to add additional time for project completion.