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Institute for Prevention of Addictions
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IPA's Mission

Is to engage in research, education and policy development to more effectively understand, prevent and treat addictive behaviors. 

The IPA is highlighted as a research asset to Andrews University. The IPA conducts research focused on the extent and causes of the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs as well as other addictions and risk behaviors. Based on this research it fosters prevention education programs and policies designed to reduce youth risk behaviors. The IPA provides specialized resources services and consultation to Church, government and private agencies on policy and program initiatives designed to prevent youth risk behavior. The IPA is supported by Andrews University and General Conference Presidential, as well as, projects sponsored by assorted Foundations, Governmental and Private agencies. The IPA is affiliated With the Department of Health Ministries of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the International Commission for the Prevention of Alcoholism & Drug Dependency (ICPA).  It works through program centers for prevention, policy, education, and research and evaluation. The Institute associates with organizations whose goals harmonize with its philosophy and objectives.

The IPA aslo has a featured article “The Stresses of Being a Pastor: the Struggle of Pastoral Families in the Adventist Church” in the Summer 2014 publication of Research and Creative Scholarship at Andrews University Summer. 

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