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The following Section includes publication by IPA Faculty in peer reviewed scientific journals. One of the major goals of the IPA is to publish our research findings in major journals in the Addiction field focused on epidemiology of health risk behavior, correlates of prevention and cessation, program evaluation and policy. IPA research has been published in such journals as the American Journal of Public Health, Journal of Drug Sexual Medicine, Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, Health Service Research, The Medical Journal of Australia and the Journal of Drug Issues. While the IPA has been in existence and published its research findings since 1985, we only list publications for the last 10 years. Links are also provided to take a reader to the abstract of a given article.

Faith Based Publications
A key goal of the IPA is to work with faith based organization to design and implement youth health risk behavior reduction programs. To meet this goal, IPA faculty publishes extensively in journals published by faith based organizations. These journals have included The Adventist Review, The Journal of Christian Education, The Journal of Adventist Education, Signs of the Times, and Ministry Magazine. IPA faculty have published in these journals since the 1980’s, however, we only list the last 10 years of publications and provide web links to the publications.

Research Reports
IPA research activity always results in a report to the funding agency. While these reports are turned into presentations and publications, the reports often contain much more data/information than can be contained in a publication or presentation. For those interested in more research detail, we list major research reports the IPA has submitted over the last 10 years as well as links to the entire report.

As a part of its mission, IPA faculty are actively engaged in presentations of their results to a wide variety of professional/scientific, community and faith based organizations. Over the years IPA faculty have presented at such conferences as those held by The American Public Health Association, The American Sociological Association, Health Service Research, and The American Society of Criminology as well as major international health conferences from Africa to India and Europe. Presentations are organized by type of audience and only listed for the past three years. IPA faculty are committed to turning their presentations into publications.




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