Organization of the IPA

Executive Director - Duane McBride, PhD

Associate Director - Gary Hopkins, M.D., Dr.PH

Director, Center for Community Impact Research - Curtis VanderWaal, PhD

Research Scientist - Alina Baltazar, PhD

Research Scientist - Karl Bailey, PhD

Research Scientist Shannon Trecartin, PhD

Research Scientist - Harvey Burnett, PhD

Administrative & Research Assistant - Roberta Colwell


The IPA is composed of four Centers:

Center for Drug Policy Research - Duane McBride, PhD.

The purpose of this Center is to evaluate policies intended to prevent and treat substance abuse. This Center works closely with the ICPA, NIH, the U.S. White House and other organizations in advocating effective policies aimed at reducing addictions and other high risk. Research results from this Center have been presented at major scientific conferences and published in major scientific journals as well as Church periodicals.

Center for Prevention Research - Gary Hopkins MD, Dr.PH.

The purpose of this Center is to conduct research on the causes and prevention of high-risk behaviors. Research has been conducted in over 70 countries in all the Church’s world divisions. The research results from Center projects have been presented at major Church and Scientific Conferences and published in major scientific journals as well as Church periodicals.

Center for Community Impact Research - Curtis VanderWaal, M.S.W., PhD. 
This Center works with foundations and social service organizations to evaluate the impact of community programs on reducing high-risk behaviors. The Center assist by conducting  community or program evaluations, individual interviews, focus groups and analyzing the data collected. The Center research has been presented at a variety of forums including those organized by the General Conference and the White House.


Center for Prevention Education - Alina Baltazar M.S.W., PhD.

This Center works with the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences and the School of Social Work to offer academic credit through an intensive workshop in addictions prevention and treatment, bringing to campus various nationally and internationally recognized experts in addictions. The IPA also collaborates on many initiatives and projects with the International Center for Trauma Education and Care.