Employment Applicant

‘Personal information’ means any information which relates to or identifies you as an individual.
The information provided here applies to the use, sharing, and disclosure of your personal information by Andrews University, including the Office of Human Resources and the department hiring for the position.
The University will use the details you provide on your application form, together with the supporting documents requested and additional details provided by any references and recorded following any interview process.

If you are required to undergo certain additional recruitment checks or procedures as part of the job application and offer process (e.g. background checks, credential checks, or visa application procedures), we will use this information as described at https://www.andrews.edu/services/its/data-privacy/recruitment-checks.
The University will process the personal information provided on your application and the other information referred to above for the purposes of identifying you, processing your application, verifying the information provided and assessing your suitability for the role (including any relevant right to work checks), deciding whether to offer you a job, and communicating that outcome (together with any feedback).

We consider the processing of your personal information for the above purposes to be necessary for us to take steps with a view to creating an employment relationship with you. Where we ask for any sensitive information, such as religious belief, campus status, and criminal history, responses will be used for employment decision making. Applications decisions are not automated.
As well as circulating your application and related materials to the appropriate individuals at the University, we will share your personal information for the above purposes as relevant and necessary with:
•   Your references.
•   Companies or organizations providing specific services to, or on behalf of, the University.
If you are offered a position and accept, we will use your personal information for the purposes described at https://www.andrews.edu/services/its/data-privacy/employment, as amended from time to time.
University level policy will apply here.
We store your personal information for as long as necessary to complete the application process. If you are successful, your information will be kept as part of your employment for the duration of your employment. If you are unsuccessful, your information will be kept for one year from the closing date of the job posting for which you most recently applied. Information about how long different types of information are retained by the University is published at https://www.andrews.edu/services/archives/schedules/general/2019-02-14-general-rrs.pdf.
You may have certain legal rights related to the privacy of your information provided by laws such as FERPA, GDPR or others.  To request information about or avail yourself of those rights, please send an email to privacy@andrews.edu.  Please describe in the email the specific right you are requesting assistance with. Please note that additional information may be required to address your request. Andrews University will notify you of the results of its review of your inquiry.
If you are not happy with the way your information is being handled, or with the response received from us, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Office of the Chief Information Officer. Email privacy@andrews.edu.

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