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Andrews University recognizes and values the privacy of all prospective students (inquiries and applicants). We are committed to safeguarding both restricted and private data of our constituents and will manage, secure, and keep the personal information data entrusted to us with care.
In principle, Andrews University strives to:

  • Collect, store, and use the minimum amount of personal information necessary for its legitimate business purposes.
  • Use information only for the purpose for which it was collected and to protect individual privacy through appropriate physical and technical security measures.
  • Limit who has access to the personal information in our possession to only those who need it for a legitimate and specific purpose.
  • Ensure that each employee who has access to restricted and private data is trained on how to handle and protect it.


The scope of this notice applies to Andrews University prospective students’ data privacy practices and policies. It is meant to provide you an overview of the purposes for which the personal information is collected and the University’s practices in processing this data. Please be advised that other constituents within Andrews University may have specific privacy notices.

How do we collect information?

Andrews University collects personal information in the following circumstances:

  • Direct Collection: When you directly provide it to us, such as when you fill out an interest card, an online inquiry form, sign up for our emails, email us, create an account, apply (both online and paper), or any other direct method used by you.
  • Automated Processes: This includes information you provide us through technology, such as through a cookie placed on your computer when you visit our websites, etc.
  • From Others: When we receive information from other organizations for legitimate, specific recruitment and admissions purposes (for example, contracted third-party recruiters and marketing providers; transcripts, SAT, PSAT, ACT, ETS, EILTS, etc.).

What type of information do we collect?

Andrews University may collect a wide variety of information from prospective students, such as: names, addresses, contact details (email, phone, etc.), age, birthday, gender, racial or ethnic origin, citizenship and immigration status, religious preference, marital status, lifestyle and social circumstances, financial details, academic details (student type, level, program of interest, etc.), education and training details (transcripts, diplomas, certificates, etc.), admission documents (SAT, PSAT, ACT, GRE, TOEFL, EILTS, recommendations, personal essays, etc.), physical or mental health information, disciplinary history (criminal convictions, felonies, etc.), photographic images, or any other information deemed relevant to the university.

During a user visit to our website, Andrews University may also automatically collect and store certain information about the visit such as: the IP address assigned to the visitor’s computer, the type of browser the visitor is using, the date and time of visit, the address of the website from which the visitor has linked to our website, etc.

Ultimately, Andrews University collects information from users through contracted third-party advertising and marketing providers (for example, Google Analytics, Google Adworks, social media sites, etc.). Information collected may include: content viewed, date and time of visit, user IP address, demographic information, time spent on the website, etc.

How will information be used?

Andrews University will process prospective students’ personal information for the purposes of identification, verifying information, prevention or fraud detection; conduct screening checks (safeguarding), processing of applications, offers of admission, statistics, statutory returns, direct marketing (in relation to our business operations only), equal opportunities monitoring, etc.

We consider the processing of personal information for the above purposes to be either necessary for us to take steps with a view to creating a contractual relationship (for example, to assess your application), or necessary for compliance with a legal obligation (for example, to administer visa applications), or necessary for the performance of tasks we carry out in the public interest (for example, admissions research), or for any other legitimate business purpose.
Andrews University also collects and uses information about user visits to allow the university to monitor website performance, make improvements to site navigation and content, and better market to prospective students and other audiences.
We may occasionally process personal information for other legitimate and specific purposes. For example, when it is establish a relationship with other university constituents such as the Employment Office or the Development Office. When these situations occur, we will endeavor to inform of such occasional processing activities.
To learn about data protection rights, please visit our General Privacy webpage.

Who processes personal information?

Andrews University allows various individuals and organizations to access and process prospective students’ personal information. This information is only used when it is necessary to conduct tasks in relation to services or benefits requested by prospective students or to conduct the practical day-to-day administration of our business operations.
The list below represents the types of individuals who may have access to prospective students’ data:

  • A person employed by the university as an administrator, faculty, or staff member.
  • A student employed by the university to assist an administrator, faculty, or staff member in fulfillment of his/her professional duties.
  • A person employed by, or under contract to, the university to perform a special task.
  • A person or organization acting as an official agent of the university and performing a business function or service on behalf of Andrews University.
  • A person serving on the University Board of Trustees.
  • Examination boards or awarding bodies.
  • Relevant government and accreditation agencies to whom the university has a statutory obligation to release information.
  • Potential funders- these may need to have access to a prospective student financial situation.
  • Or other individuals as justified by the person’s function or need to know.

The university does not sell or rent personal information. We may, however, share your personal information in limited circumstances, such as with service providers that support business activities. We do not allow our service providers to use or share personal information for any purpose other than providing services on our behalf.
We may also share personal information when required by law, or when we believe sharing will help to protect the safety, property, or rights of the university, and members of the university community.

How long will information be kept?

Inquires may receive direct marketing information as long as a requested to stop direct marketing is not made. For applicants, we store personal information for as long as necessary to complete the application process. If accepted, the information will be kept as part of the student record as described at the student privacy policy. If declined, the information will be deleted after a few years.

How is personal information used for accepted students?

Please read the student privacy policy to understand how personal information is managed, secured, and kept for accepted students.

Who to contact for questions or concerns?
You may have certain legal rights related to the privacy of your information provided by laws such as FERPA, GDPR or others.  To request information about or avail yourself of those rights, please send an email to  Please describe in the email the specific right you are requesting assistance with. Please note that additional information may be required to address your request. Andrews University will notify you of the results of its review of your inquiry.

Privacy notice changes
This privacy notice may be updated from time to time. We will post the date our notice was last updated at the top of this privacy notice.

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