About JRCE

The Journal of Research on Christian Education was launched by the Andrews University School of Education in 1992 under the visionary leadership of Professor Paul S. Brantley.  As one of the few journals in the world focusing on Protestant educational traditions, JRCE filled a much needed void in the field. Since its first issue JRCE has been an international journal publishing articles by scholars from around the world and receiving guidance from an illustrious International Advisory Board. From  its inception the journal has had four editors: founding editor, Paul S. Brantley, Raymond J. Ostrander, Lyndon “Gerry” Furst, and current editor, Larry D. Burton. 

While originally published by Andrews University, Lyndon G. Furst developed the first partnership with an academic publisher – Information Age Publishing – for production and distribution of JRCE.  Since 2007 Andrews University has partnered with the Taylor & Francis group for the production, printing and distribution of the journal.  The move to Taylor & Francis also provided us the opportunity to move all past issues online and to publish both print and online versions of all future issues.

As a result of the Andrews University-Taylor & Francis partnership, the journal has experienced an increase in the number of article accessed by scholars, the number of manuscripts submitted for review, the quality of manuscripts submitted for review, and the number of issues published per year.  JRCE was published twice per year from 1992-2008, but has been released three times per year since 2009.