Course Schedule Submissions

This page contains supplemental information for faculty and departmental staff about Course Schedule submissions.

Course Prefixes and Numbers (PDF)
Approved Schedule Type Definitions
Schedule Type Implementation Summary

Course Schedules are created twice a year: once for Summer Sessions, which are usually available by open registration in March.  As of August 2011, the Office of Academic Records transitioned the Course Schedule from printing to exclusively online.  Currently the course schedule can be viewed in a digital booklet PDF at the following page: Online Course Schedule or by search field.

Faculty and departments should submit course schedule entries using the course schedule submission forms (summer and academic year are different).  Please email to receive the course schedule submissions form and the instructions for filling them out.  Please note:  by emailing the Office of Academic Records to receive the submission forms, you will ensure that you are using the most up-to-date version of the submission form.


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