Several of these forms include deadlines.  * designates this form has a deadline

Forms for Graduate Students
JN Andrews Honors Scholars Forms and Documents
Drop/Add Form
Canadian Tax Form
Class Conflict Form
Graduate Application for Graduation Form
Graduation Application Revision Form (Undergraduate)
Independent Study (Instructor Approval for Independent Study Form)
Marching Without Completion Form
Student Exit Procedure Form
Transcript Request Form
Transient Student Request

Undergraduate Graduation Application Form
Undergraduate Petition



Forms for Undergraduate Students

Drop/Add Form*

The Drop/Add Form is for making changes to a student's registration, such as the follwing: adding a course, deleting a course, or changing a course's credit amount. This form is available in academic offices or from Academic Records. This form requires signatures for different types of changes. Please return the completed form to Academic Records.

Canadian Tax Form

Please email including your name, phone number, Andrews ID, Tax year requested, and delivery preference (pick-up, email, mail or fax).

Class Conflict Form*

Download Class Conflict Form PDF

The Class Conflict Form is available for students who are attempting to register for courses which have time conflicts. This form is also available at Academic Records. Students must obtain both instructors' signatures and the dean/s signatures. Return the completed form to Academic Records. This form is subject to established registration deadlines concerning fees.

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Graduation Application Revision Form (Undergraduate)

Download Graduation Application Revision Form

If you need to make a revision to the information in your Graduation Application, you must complete and submit a Graduation Application Revision Form to Undergraduate Records in Office 202.

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Instructor Approval for Independent Study

Students wishing to pursue an Independent Study course and have instructor approval may pick up this form at the Registration Counter of Academic Records. 

Marching Without Completion

Students who are eligible to graduate without completion must complete an application to do so. Download the form here or pick it up from Undergraduate Records, Office 202.

Student Exit Procedure Form

Download Student Exit Procedure PDF. This form is for students withdrawing from all classes for a semester or more. Complete steps, with all required signatures.

Transient Student Request

If you would like to be a guest student at another university or college, please obtain a Transient Student Request Form from Office 202 in Academic Records.

Undergraduate Graduation Application Form*

Download Undergraduate Graduation Application Form

This application begins the processes concerned with degree conferral for students who have met all degree requirements or who will meet shortly thereafter. This form also indicates whether students plan to or do not plan to participate in Commencement Ceremonies. Please note:  The responsibility for filling out this form correctly rests entirely on the student. Please read and fill it out carefully before you turn it in. This form can be downloaded here and is also available in Office 202 of Academic Records and should be returned to this office upon completion.

Undergraduate Petition

Download Undergraduate Petition Form PDF

Undergraduate petitions are with academic deans.  A student would obtain a petition form to take a course for their degree requirements in the following circumstances: 

  • Waivers
  • Substitutions
  • Credit by exam
  • Change of programs
  • To petition acceptance of transfer credit to replace certain AU credit requirements
  • A replacement course for a course that is no longer offered
  • To take a course which had the name or number changed
  • To take a course that has similar course content
  • To seek permission to take a course
  • To take a replacement course for a course not offered in the student's senior year

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