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The following information is also in the Registration Guide PDF.

Online Resources


Vault is the secure campus account system which contains registration, and financial information. Please access Vault to do the following:

  • preVue: enrollment profile
  • Financial Aid Self-Service Banner: all financial elements
  • iVue: complete student profile
  • Update personal information such as email and addresses
  • Check your chapel/forum attendance
  • Check assignments and grades
  • Request an Andrews transcript and check its status

How to Activate Your Andrews Username
for Access to Vault and Registration Central

Please visit Vault from the main Andrews website and click theUsername Activation link. You will be prompted with instructions and sent an activation email.


Revised yearly, the Bulletin covers information about the university and its academic units, services, programs and policies. It also includes the academic calendar. Email for questions.

Course Schedule and Search

This lists courses per term with meeting times and details. Use the Course Search Tool as the most up-to-date source. Email for questions or updates.

Registration Central (RC)

Registration Central is the student-geared web portal for course registration and financial clearance. To register, click Registration Central through Vault. Students will need to activate their Andrews username and contact their academic advisor to complete registration.

Changes in Registration

Drop/Add period: Refers to time period when students may make any and all registration changes through Registration Central without a charge. These changes include:

  • Drop or add
  • Change credit amount

Changes in registration after the Drop/Add period must be made by submitting a Drop/Add form with required signatures to Academic Records. See "Approvals Needed for Drop/Add" Chart below.

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Registration Forms

Class Conflict Form (Green Card)

Purpose: Pursuing classes with time conflicts.
Requires: Approval by both instructors and dean(s) required.

Drop/Add Form

Purpose: Making registration changes after the Drop/Add period. Needed before Drop/Add deadline for Time Conflicts, Reinstating Cancelled Classes, Audits and Overload.
Requires: Please see “Approvals Needed for Drop/Add” Chart below.

Independent Studies/Music Lessons/Instructor Approval Card (Blue Card)

No longer used. Please use Registration Central to register, and use an Drop/Add form for registrations past the Drop/Add deadline. Instructor’s approval required.

Manual Course Registration Form

Purpose: If the student is unable to register online, their advisor should print this form from Registration Central. Completed forms should be submitted with the appropriate signatures and forms for the situation.

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Online Course Registration

Academic Advising

Students should select classes with the guidance of their advisor based on their degree plan as stated in their Academic Bulletin. Students must contact their advisor in order to register.

Process to Confirm Courses

Students who are not financially clear may reserve classes until August 15 for fall term, or the third day of classes for spring term. Once the financial portion of Registration Central is finalized, reserved classes are automatically registered (confirmed). If students are unable to finalize their financial plan, all reserved courses for any term are dropped (cancelled).

Late Registration Fee

Students are given a specific time period to register for the first time from the date when registration opens until the first day of classes. Students registering after the first day of classes are charged a late registration fee. Changes may be made to existing registration without a fee before the Drop/Add deadline.

Registration Central (RC) Troubleshooting



Academic Overload

1. UG students must be financially clear for credits over 16.
2. Must be resolved by Drop/Add form with required signatures.
3. Submit Drop/Add

Independent Study

Instructor overrides online. Then register with advisor through RC.

Time Conflict

Register for 1st course online. Register with Drop/Add form & Class Conflict form for conflicting course(s).








Academic Probation

Students taking over 12 credits only: Must be resolved by Drop/Add form

Closed Course

Instructor overrides online. Then register with advisor through RC.


Instructor overrides online. Then register with advisor through RC.

Not Eligible to Register

Contact Admissions

Over Capacity

Instructor overrides online. Then register with advisor through RC.


Instructor overrides online. Then register with advisor through RC.

Repeat Course

Instructor overrides online. Then register with advisor through RC.

Registration Overrides: Instructors/Advisors access through Vault, then Registration, then Registration Overrides.

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Approvals Needed for Drop/Add

When is Counter Registration Needed?

Some processes can be done fully or partially online. Paper forms turned in after the deadline will require additional signatures from your advisor, instructor, and dean. After the Drop/Add deadline, a paper form must be used to make registration changes.


















Academic Probation Y UG: 12+, Grad: 8+ credit X   X






Adding a course(s) Y   X     Instructor & Dean
Audit N   X X   Dean
Closed Course/Over Capacity Y   X X   Dean
Co-requisite Y   X X   Dean
Dropping a course(s) Y Online only before
Drop/Add deadline
X     Instructor
Independent Study Y After Drop/Add deadline
use Drop/Add form
X X   Dean
Overload N UG: 17+, Grad: 13+ credit X X X N/A
Pre-requisite Y   X X   Dean
Reinstating Cancelled Courses N         Advisor,
Instructor & Dean
Time Conflict N Class Conflict Form X X X N/A

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Yearly Registration Events

Open Registration

Dates are published in the 5-year Academic Calendar

Late Registration Fee in Effect

For Initial Registrations: 2nd day of term

Notification of Potential Cancellation of Low-enrollment courses

2nd day of term

Cancellation of Unconfirmed Course Reservations

Undergraduate Students: 15th of August for fall semesters, 3rd day of term for spring semester
Graduate Students: 3rd day of term for both fall and spring terms

Cancellation of Courses

Below Minimum Enrollment: 9th calendar day of the term

The 10th Calendar Day of the Term (Fall/Spring)

Last Business Day to Complete the Following by 5 P.M. for AU Courses:

  • Add a course
  • Drop a course with 100% tuition refund
  • Make a change in registration without a fee or entry on permanent academic record
  • Change audit to credit

Drop/Add Fee in Effect

11th calendar day of the term

Drop with 70% Refund

11th-17th day from the start of the term (Fall/Spring)

Drop with 40% Refund

18th-24th day from the start of the term (Fall/Spring)

Last Day to Change from Credit to Audit (Fall/Spring)

Or to withdraw from a course with a W for a fee: 9 calendar days prior to the last day of classes

Open Enrollment Registration Dates

Fall: Open August 1 – November 30
Spring: Open December 1 – April 30

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Registration Holds

All holds must be cleared to register. See applicable departments below *


For Undergraduate students, clear final transcript hold to register.
Undergraduate: 269-471-6343
Graduate: 269-471-6321


Transferring students need to have previous courses reviewed for credit or placement.

Dining Services

Undergraduate students must have a dining plan selected to register. 269-471-3161

International Student Services*

Clear immigration hold to register. 269-471-6395

Student Financial Services*

Students must be financially cleared to register. 269-471-3334

University Medical Specialties*

Student medical records kept here. Clear medical hold to register. 269-473-2222


Articulation: Determines course equivalency for classes taken previously and for class standing.

Audit: A course that is taken without a grade or college credit.

Co-Requisite: A course which must be taken simultaneously with another course.

Pre-Requisite: A course which must be taken before another course.

Open Enrollment: A course that may be enrolled in at any time and completed within a set amount of time.

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