Degree Works

Welcome to a new world of student planning and advising support!

What is Degree Works? Find the answer in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below.

Ready to check out Degree Works now? To see your progress on degree completion, check the progress bars: In order to receive your diploma, all degree progress bars must equal 100%. Click here!

NOTE: Undergraduate students whose bulletin year is prior to 2018-2019 should continue to use CAPP to track degree progress. To access CAPP, log into Vault (, click on iVue, click “View Degree Progress (CAPP)”, and generate a new evaluation.


Degree Works FAQ

  1. When will I be ready to graduate?

    You will be ready to graduate when all of the following are true:

    A. I have applied for graduation.
    B. All boxes are checked (green) on my Degree Works report.
    C. Degree progress bars are 100%.
  2. What is Degree Works?

    Degree Works is a web-based academic planning and degree evaluation tool designed to help students and advisors track students’ academic progress toward the completion of their degree. Degree Works helps students track degree progress, prepare for future courses, and plan their path to graduation.
  3. Am I able to use Degree Works for tracking my degree progress?

    Degree Works is available for students beginning with the 2018-2019 bulletin year. Your bulletin year is listed in iVue. A student's bulletin year is set upon admission or declaration for their degree, major, minor, or certificate and includes their specific requirements for that program. Undergraduate students who are currently registered in a bulletin year prior to 2018-2019 may continue to access the prior degree audit system known as CAPP Degree Evaluation (Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning). To access CAPP, log into Vault (https://vault/, click on iVue, click "View Degree Progress (CAPP)", and generate a new evaluation.

    For graduate level students, please see your advisor to complete an Advancement to Candidacy (ATC) form.
  4. I am using an older bulletin year than what is available in Degree Works. Are there features I can still use?

    Students with a bulletin year prior to 2018-2019 may use the What-If feature (see FAQ #8) within Degree Works. Students may view how completed classes would contribute towards the completion of a new major, minor, or certificate should they declare in a bulletin year 2018-2019 or later. Additionally, students with a bulletin year prior to 2018-2019 may use the GPA Calculators within Degree Works.
  5. How do I access Degree Works?

    There are a number of ways to access Degree Works:

    A. You can go directly to the following link: Degree Works
    B. Go to Vault:
         - Click on iVue
         - Login using your AU username and password
            (Advisors: Enter an ID number to select an advisee)
         - Click on "View Degree Progress (Degree Works)"
  6. How often should I look at my information in Degree Works?

    A. Before you register for classes each semester to identify outstanding requirements.
    B. After you register to ensure that the classes you selected apply to your requirements as you thought they would.
    C. After your grades are posted at the end of the semester.
    D. Any time you make a change to your schedule or student planner.
    E. After a petition has been processed or a new transcript has been articulated.
  7. What should I do if my academic information (major, minor, etc.) is inaccurate in Degree Works?

    If the information in Degree Works is inaccurate, undergraduate students will need to contact; graduate students contact They will assist you in changing your degree, major, minor, or concentration. Students wishing to join or leave the Honors Program should contact to make that change.

    The What-If feature can be used to compare different programs. This is a useful tool when weighing your options. 
  8. What should I do if I believe my information in Degree Works is inaccurate?

    You should contact your advisor to review the information. If necessary, your advisor will contact Academic Records for consultation.
  9. What is the What-If feature?

    The What-If feature allows you to hypothetically change your degree, major, minor or concentration. The What-If evaluation will show you what coursework is required for the new degree, major, minor or concentration, what courses you have taken that satisfy requirements, and what courses are still left for you to take.
  10. For graduate level students:  I have courses that appear in the “Not Counted” block. Why are they there?

    Courses may appear in the "Not Counted" block for either of the following reasons:

    A. They exceed the number of allowed repeats.
    B. The courses were taken at a different level than the current degree and, therefore, will not count as credits towards graduation.
  11. How do transfer credits appear in Degree Works? 

    You are able to see the transfer courses that apply toward your degree and where they fit into your degree requirements. Transfer courses that do not apply will appear in the “Electives” section for undergraduate students, and in the “Unused Courses” section for graduate students. These courses can be reviewed with your advisor to determine if any of them can be petitioned to meet degree requirements.
  12. If all the boxes are checked does that mean I am graduating?

    Both degree progress bars must equal 100% in order to graduate. You should meet with your advisor to review your evaluation and determine if you should apply for graduation. You must apply for graduation by the deadlines stated on the Academic Records website page.
  13. Can I register for classes through Degree Works?

    No. You will continue to register for classes by going to Registration Central. It is recommended that you review your Degree Works report or student planner when selecting your classes.