Unified Framework of Outcomes

Andrews University, a distinctive Seventh-day Adventist institution, transforms its students by educating them to seek knowledge and affirm faith in order to change the world.  We do this by teaching eight skills within five arenas of learning.

Intellectual, Affective, and Practical Skills

AU students will build 8 foundational skills:

  • information literacy
  • academic reading skills
  • quantitative literacy
  • engaging diverse perspectives
  • ethical reasoning
  • analytical inquiry
  • communication (written, spoken, visual)
  • holistic wellness and life skills

Arenas of Learning

  • Intentional Exploration with Interdisciplinary Connections: Students will engage with contemporary and enduring questions through study in the core fields and explore connections between those fields and the disciplinary program.
  • Specialized Knowledge: AU Students will demonstrate competence in applying the concepts, knowledge, and skills of their chosen program.
  • Faith Development and Integration: AU Students will interpret life, learning, and civic responsibility through the lens of a Seventh-day Adventist Christian perspective and will articulate how that worldview, their own worldview, and other worldviews inform daily life in the context of their chosen profession.
  • Civic and Global Learning: AU Students will recognize their responsibility to their local and global communities, and will through active service meet human needs following the example of Christ. Students will gain perspective through intentional exposure to and interaction with diverse perspectives.
  • Applied and Innovative Learning: AU Students will demonstrate applied and innovative skills crucial to their chosen profession as they make a meaningful contribution to discipline, institution, community, society, environment, or other aspects of the world.

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