Meet Your Senators

The Andrews University Faculty Senate is the legislative body of the University responsible for creating and implementing policy regarding the academic life of the University.  The Senate is responsible for speaking and acting for the General Faculty on academic and faculty-related matters, and faculty concerns and interests. 

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact a Senator from your School or Division, or one of the Senate Officers. All issues that are directed to the Senate are considered first by the Senate Officers, who then either act directly when possible, dialogue with University administrators through the shared governance process, or bring the issue before the full Faculty Senate.

College of Arts and Sciences


Max Keller


Kari Friestad

Executive Secretary

Vanessa Corredera



Twyla Smith



John Markovic


Garth Woodruff


Meredith Jones-Grey

Senate Vice-Chair

Anthony Bosman

Communications Officer

Silas Marques


D. David Nowack


Daniel Gonzalez

Diane Myers


College of Professional Studies


Betty Gibson

Lucile Sabas

Duane Habenicht



College of Education and International Services


Bordes Henry-Saturné     


Duane Covrig


Anneris Coria-Navia


Janine Lim


Eriks Galenieks


College of Health and Human Services


Ryan Orrison



Andrew von Maur



Karen Reiner


Heather Ferguson

Senate Chair

Grace Chi



Theological Seminary


Ranko Stefanovic

Anna Galeniece


Roy Gaton


Kenley Hall

David Penno