International Deposit Information


  • The following information is for on-campus international students.
  • New graduate & undergraduate students, excluding those from Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada and Mexico, are required to make a $9,100 advance payment.
  • All international students (except Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada and Mexico) who apply for the MDiv program in the SDA Theological Seminary or CIEP program must only pay for the first semester (tuition, general fee, health insurance and $3,100 advance payment) before an I-20 will be issued.
  • $3,000 of the $9,100 will be held as deposit in an interest-bearing account until student graduates or withdraws.

Please read carefully before submitting the International Deposit Release Request Form.

► For students who have attended Andrews University - graduating or not returning:

  • The deposit may be used to cover educational expenses for the last semester of enrollment.
  • Deposit may be refunded, in whole or in part, if account is paid.
  • A registration hold will be placed on the account when deposit is released.
  • You will need to complete and submit an International Deposit Release Request Form.
  • Unless authorized, deposit will be refunded to payer according to the Deposit Payer Information Form.

► For prospective students who do not attend Andrews University:

  • International deposit will be refunded via the original payment method; credit card, wire transfer, or check.
  • Deposits paid in cash can be refunded by check/direct deposit or wire transfer (contact SFS for form).

► Get the International Deposit Release Request Form.