Undergraduate Academic Intervention

Academic Intervention is founded on the approach of early recognition of possible obstacles to students’ success.  Research indicates that the more students are engaged with the campus, the more likely they will remain at the institution and complete their program of study.  Please visit the Student Success Center early and often if you are experiencing difficulties.

Learn to navigate college:

1. Create a schedule and refer to it often (Word; pdf)
2. Review important dates and deadlines 
3. Determine and define your values and select what is important to you. 
4. Communicate often with professors, Student Success Center staff, and academic advisors.
5. Review your class schedule in iVue.
6. Locate campus resources

Strengthen Your Skills – Remain Engaged

Study Strategies (UNC)
7 Steps to Decision Making (UMass)
Overcoming Procrastination (Princeton)
Time Management (NYU)
Study Cycle - Video
Study Smarter - Video
Study Cycle - Handout