About the Department

The Andrews University Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences prepares students who are committed to preserving and protecting the dignity of life and death. We promote values and attitudes consistent with the Seventh-day Adventist Christian lifestyle. We strive to instill in students a lifelong personal quest for individual growth and fulfillment and for continual excellence in healthcare practice. Our department offers a four-year Bachelor of Science in Medical and Laboratory Science (BSMLS), and MLS certificate or categorical certificates in five distinct areas of MLS for degree-holding students.

By choosing a degree in MLS, you can become a vital member of the healthcare team. MLS combines the challenges and rewards of science and medicine, and integrates the use of sophisticated analytical technology. MLS professionals perform precise laboratory testing to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, maintenance of health and wellness, testing for environmental and forensic investigations, and more. Since laboratory testing is the foundation on which the majority of medical decisions are made and the demand for testing continues to increase, MLS is a relevant, practical, and meaningful career choice.

At the Andrews Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, we provide excellent instruction, giving you the knowledge, experience, and skills you need to connect with a profitable and engaging MLS career. Many students have used their MLS background as a stepping-stone to medical or dental school. Other career options include healthcare administration, industry, research and development, management, and education.