Pre-clinical Studies

The first three years of undergraduate study include 37 credits of general education courses, 26 credits of cognate science, and 14 credits of medical laboratory science courses.  Program option feature directed elective coursework selected in consultation with the faculty advisor according to the student's career goals and interest.  The pre-clinical studies requirements are:

  • General Education requirements -- 32
    Directed Electives
    Arts & Humanities -- 3
    Language/Communication -- 9
    Social Science -- 3
    Mathematics -- 3
    PE/Wellness -- 2 (HLED120 plus one activity course)
    Religion -- 12 (or one course per year of residence)
  • Cognate Science Requirements -- 26
    BIOL165: BIOL166 or 111; CHEM131, 132, 231, 232, 241, 242.
  • Major Prerequisites -- 11
    MLSC105, 110, 210, 230, 240, 350
  • Directed Electives -- 5-8
    Students select courses in consultation with and by the consent of their advisors in a planned program to enhance professional preparation.  Courses are chosen from biology, business, chemistry, computer science, electronics, and education.  Pre-medical/pre-dental students must include PHYS141, 142 General Physics (8 credits).
A typical pre-clinical studies curriculum follows:

Freshman Year -- 1st Semester

BIOL165 Foundations of Biology I 5 CR
ENGL115 English Composition I 3 CR
STAT285 Elementary Statistics 3 CR
MLSC105 Introduction to Medical Laboratory Science 1 CR
RELT100 God and Human Life 3 CR

Freshman year -- 2nd Semester

BIOL166 or
Foundations of Biology II or
Anatomy and Physiology I*
5 CR or
4 CR
MLSC110 Medical Terminology 1 CR


Communications Skills 2 CR
HIST118 Civilization & Ideas II 3 CR
RELT250 Spirituality & Faith 3 CR
* Pre-meds and pre-dents must take BIOL166

Sophomore Year -- 1st Semester

CHEM131 General Chemistry I 4 CR
MLSC350 Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry 3 CR
GEN ED Religion Course 3 CR
MLSC320 Fundamentals of Immunology 3 CR
DIR ELECT Directed Elective 3 CR

Sophomore Year -- 2nd Semester

CHEM132 General Chemistry II 4 CR
MLSC230 Fundamentals of Clinical Microbiology 3 CR
PSYC101 Intro to Psychology 3 CR
GEN ED Arts and Humanities Course 3 CR


Directed Elective 3 CR

Junior Year -- 1st Semester

CHEM231 Organic Chemistry I 3 CR
CHEM241 Organic Chemistry I Lab 1 CR
GEN ED Religion Course 3 CR
DIR ELECT Directed Elective (PHYS141: General Physics if pre-med or pre-dent) 3 or 4 CR
BIOL371 Genetics, Cellular & Molecular Biology 4 CR
PEAC PE Activity Course 1 CR

 Junior Year -- 2nd Semester

CHEM232 Organic Chemistry II 3 CR
CHEM242 Organic Chemistry II LAB 1 CR
MLSC210 Fundamentals of Hematology and Hemostasis 2 CR
MLSC240 Fundamentals of Immunohematology 1 CR
DIR ELECT Directed Elective (PHYS142: General Physics if pre-med or pre-dent)

3 or 4 CR

ENGL215 English Composition II 3 CR


The pre-clinical studies program is followed by the Clinical Year ProgramQualified applicants must submit a written application in order to advance into the Clinical Year Program (Senior year).  Refer to Admissions and Applications.

Note: Students applying to the Clinical Year Program as guest students (see Guest Student Senior Clinical Year Program) must complete the first three years of pre-clinical coursework at their home university/college.  Degree requirements may vary from those of Andrews University.