Pre-clinical Studies

The First Three Years of Undergraduate Study Include:

  • 37 credits of general education courses

  • 26 credits of cognate sciences

  • 14 credits of medical laboratory science courses. 

Program option feature directed elective coursework selected in consultation with the faculty advisor according to the student's career goals and interest. 

The pre-clinical studies requirements are:

  • General Education requirements (32 Credits)

    • Directed Electives

    • Arts & Humanities (3 credits)

    • Language/Communication (9 credits)

    • Social Science (3 credits)

    • Mathematics (3 credits)

    • PE/Wellness (2 credits)

      • (HLED120 plus one activity course)

    • Religion (12 credits)

      • (or one course per year of residence)

  • Cognate Science Requirements (26 Credits)

    • BIOL165: BIOL166 or 111; CHEM131, 132, 231, 232, 241, 242.

  • Major Prerequisites (11 Credits)

    • MLSC105, 110, 210, 230, 240, 350

  • Directed Electives (5-8 Credits)


Students select courses in consultation with and by the consent of their advisors in a planned program to enhance professional preparation. 

Courses are chosen from biology, business, chemistry, computer science, electronics, and education. 

Pre-medical/pre-dental students must include: PHYS141, 142 General Physics (8 credits).

A Typical Pre-Clinical Studies Curriculum Follows:

Freshman Year -- 1st Semester

BIOL165  Foundations of Biology I  5 CR
ENGL115  English Composition I  3 CR
STAT285  Elementary Statistics  3 CR
MLSC105  Introduction to Medical Laboratory Science  1 CR
RELT100  God and Human Life 3 CR

Freshman year -- 2nd Semester

BIOL166 or BIOL111 Foundations of Biology II or Anatomy and Physiology I* 5 CR or 4 CR
MLSC110 Medical Terminology 1 CR
COMM104 Communications Skills  2 CR
HIST118  Civilization & Ideas II  3 CR
RELT250 Spirituality & Faith 3 CR

* Pre-meds and pre-dents must take BIOL166


Sophomore Year -- 1st Semester

CHEM131  General Chemistry I  4 CR
MLSC350  Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry  3 CR
GEN ED  Religion Course  3 CR
MLSC320  Fundamentals of Immunology  3 CR
DIR ELECT Directed Elective 3 CR

Sophomore Year -- 2nd Semester

CHEM132 General Chemistry II 4 CR
MLSC230 Fundamentals of Clinical Microbiology 3 CR
PSYC101 Intro to Psychology 3 CR
GEN ED Arts and Humanities Course 3 CR
DIR ELECT Directed Elective 3 CR


Junior Year -- 1st Semester

CHEM231 Organic Chemistry I  3 CR
CHEM241  Organic Chemistry I Lab  1 CR
GEN ED  Religion Course  3 CR
DIR ELECT  Directed Elective (PHYS141: General Physics if pre-med or pre-dent) 3 or 4 CR
BIOL371  Genetics, Cellular & Molecular Biology  4 CR
PEAC PE Activity Course 1 CR

Junior Year -- 2nd Semester

CHEM232 Organic Chemistry II 3 CR
CHEM242 Organic Chemistry II LAB 1 CR
MLSC210 Fundamentals of Hematology and Hemostasis 2 CR
MLSC240 Fundamentals of Immunohematology 1 CR
DIR ELECT Directed Elective (PHYS142: General Physics if pre-med or pre-dent) 3 or 4 CR
ENGL215 English Composition II 3 CR

The pre-clinical studies program is followed by the Clinical Year Program.

Qualified applicants must submit a written application in order to advance into the Clinical Year Program (Senior year).

Refer to Admissions and Applications.

Note: Students applying to the Clinical Year Program as guest students (see Guest Student Senior Clinical Year Program) must complete the first three years of pre-clinical coursework at their home university/college. Degree requirements may vary from those of Andrews University.

Clinical Year Application