Andrews Bridge to Success Program

Admission Criteria

Applicants who are not offered admission based on the published standards for regular, success tracking/advising but who meet the criteria listed below* will be eligible for consideration for admission to the Andrews Bridge to Success Program. Grades in specific high school classes will be used to determine the college coursework they will take. After being accepted into the program by the Bridge to Success Advisory Group, students will be asked to sign an academic and personal conduct contract.

*The minimum college preparatory curriculum in high school shall include:
  • 3 years of English
  • 2 years of Social Sciences/History
  • 2 Years of Science
  • 2 years of Math (Algebra I and higher)
A minimum of a six-semester unofficial transcript must be sent along with a final official transcript after graduation to verify the above list.
Note: ACT or SAT scores are not required for admission to Andrews University. If a student does provide either of these test scores they can be used for academic advising purposes as mentioned below in the Process after Admission.
Students may be admitted to the Andrews Bridge to Success Program if they meet the following admission guidelines as well:
  • Have a minimum cumulative high school GPA of 2.50 or higher with no F's in any class.
  • Provide a list of 12th grade classes enrolled in for both semesters
  • Provide a personal essay with a minimum of 500 words about past experiences and future goals and how attending Andrews University would help achieve those goals.
  • Provide three academic references from high school faculty/staff/principal on a specified recommendation form.

Process after Admission

  • Admitted students will be advised by the director of the Bridge to Success Program and are expected to achieve the following:
    • Maintain an overall minimum GPA of 2.5 during the program with no D's, F's, withdrawals or deferred grades (i.e. academic probation standing.) If this is not achieved, a second semester would involve increased academic counseling above and beyond the regular Bridge to Success Program. 
    • Attend bi-weekly homeroom meetings with the Andrews Bridge to Success Program director.
    • Maintain good and regular citizenship status.
    • Register for the 1-credit-hour College Success Strategies course/seminar (Fall).
    • Register for the 1-credit-hour Career Development and Planning course/seminar (Spring).
  • Students may be limited to a maximum of 13 credit hours per semester (particularly the first semester) and shall be admitted into the degree program indicated in their application. These credits will be primarily general education credits that most freshmen take. The 1-hour courses mentioned above, and a possible Reading Comprehension class and/or Introduction to College Math class (if it’s determined from a student’s grades in specific high school courses that either would be appropriate for them) can count toward elective credits within their degree plan. (See note above regarding ACT or SAT scores used for advising purposes if a student provides them.)
  • While in the Andrews Bridge to Success Program, the students:
    • Shall be paired with a student mentor.
    • Shall not join Andrews University Cardinals sports teams, Gymnics or go on music group tours that could take students out of other regular academic classes.
    • May join University Singers, Symphony Orchestra or Wind Symphony, and participate in intramural sports. Note: See previous item relative to music group tours.
    • Will limit weekly work hours during the weeks school is in session to 10–12 hours.
  • Students will receive an Andrews Partnership Scholarship (APS) of:
    • $8,000 per year ($4,000 per semester)
  • Upon successful completion of the two-semester Andrews Bridge to Success Program, students shall transition to the academic advisor in their major program and will continue with the same APS level for up to 10 total undergraduate semesters.

Randy Graves
Director, Bridge to Success Program

014D Bell Hall
Andrews University
269-471-3854 office
269-876-1066 cell

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