Bonnie McLean

Bonnie McLean

Bonnie McLean

Title: Adjunct Professor
Office Location: Remote


BA: Andrews University
MA: Western Michigan University
PhD: Marquette University

Current Research or Professional Activities

Selected Publications:
Review of The Witcher (2019, Netflix) for Science Fiction Film and Television.

Review of Alien: Covenant for Science Fiction Film and Television, vol. 13, no. 2, Summer 2020, pp. 299-302.

“Rachael, Weeping for Her Children: Reproductive Agency and Narratives of Choice in Blade Runner 2049.” Blade Runner 2049 and Philosophy. Edited by Robin Bunce and Trip McCrossin, Open Court Press, 2019.

“‘Who killed the world?’: Religious Paradox in George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road.” Science Fiction Film and Television, vol. 10, no. 3, October 2017, pp. 371-90. 2.

Review of Mad Max: Fury Road for Science Fiction Film and Television, vol. 10, no. 1, Winter 2017, pp. 144-49.

Awards and Recognition:
2014 Marquette University Department of English, John D. McCabe Award for Excellence in Teaching, PhD Level
2011 Western Michigan University, All-University Graduate Teaching Effectiveness Award
2011 Western Michigan University Department of English, Graduate Teaching Effectiveness Award, MA Level