Gary R. Gray

Gary R. Gray

Gary R. Gray

Title: Assistant Professor, Retired


BA: Atlantic Union College
MDiv: Andrews University
MA: University of Massachusetts/Boston
ABD: Western Michigan University


The best teachers I had created in me a deep fascination for academic study because they stressed the interplay of ideas. It is this interplay that I try to bring to the classes I teach. While I am broadly interested in the areas of theology, philosophy, history and literature, my specific intellectual interests lie in the intersection of religion and literature.

I have taught the following courses:
    College Writing
    Baseball Literature (team-taught with history colleague)
    Biblical Literature
    Approaches to Literature
    Major Author:  Thoreau
    American Literature I
    English Literature I (Renaissance Section)
    Literature of Love (team-taught with wife, Meredith)
    C.S. Lewis (team-taught with wife, Meredith)

When not teaching, I enjoy life at home with my wife, Meredith, which revolves around reading (we should open a bookstore), poking around in antique shops (looking for another copy of the Constitution) and watching baseball (the Chicago Cubs--her team, and the Boston Red Sox--my team) and pondering the meaning of baseball suffering and redemption. Our adult son, Jeremy, is currently studying in Europe.  His interest is in the history of math and science.