Dianne Staples

Dianne Staples

Dianne Staples

Title: Professor Emerita
E-mail: staplesd@andrews.edu


BA, MAT: Andrews University
MA: University of Arizona, Tucson


"The trick of reason is to get the
imagination to seize the actual world
if only from time to time."
--Annie Dillard

My Andrews home is the Center for Intensive English Programs, where I teach English to international students. I enjoy being a person amidst people from different cultures and religions, sharing ideas, customs, food, and friendship as part of the task of language learning. It is important to me, and always rewarding, to tangibly help students develop the language skills they need to live comfortably in a new environment. I also enjoy my colleagues in the CIEP, who combine the best of human warmth and wit.

The ESL classroom resonates with my background in anthropology and linguistics, and with my own experience living (and learning language) in different parts of the world. I grew up in Zimbabwe, and moved to the U.S. as a teen. During college, I attended Andrews. But more importantly, I studied in Germany, and lived and taught in Korea. I returned to Andrews for an MAT in English, and then completed an MA in anthropology at the University of Arizona. Over the years, I have taught anthropology, linguistics, ESL, and methods in teaching ESL.

Away from work I enjoy music, gardening, reading, learning, and exploring the natural world (particularly camping and hiking in New England and Arizona) with my two daughters.

Current Research or Professional Activities

Language socialization, literacy and culture.