The club known as eigen* was founded in September of 2002 by the Andrews University community of mathematicians and physicists.  “Eigen” is a German word meaning “characteristic,” and it shows up in linear algebra, dynamical systems theory, and quantum mechanics. The asterisk is both a reference symbol and a way of denoting the complex conjugate. You know you're in eigen* if you're unique, idealistic, and complex. For more information, email eigen@andrews.edu.

Eigen*Talks occur every Friday from 12:30pm - 1:30pm in the Julian Thompson amphitheater (HYH133). This research colloquium series features local speakers as well as speakers from off campus. The colloquium begins at 12:30 with refreshments.

Eigen*Vespers occurs at least once a semester on a Friday evening at a faculty member’s house. It features a full sit-down dinner and a terrific guest speaker.