Minor in Fitness Education



Required Courses: 

  • BIOL221 (4 credits)

  • BIOL222 (4 credits)

  • FTES205 (1 credit)

  • FTES210 (1 credit)

  • FTES214 (1 credit)

  • FDNT230 (3 credits)

  • FTES305 (3 credits)

  • FTES355 (3 credits)


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  • BIOL221 and FTES305 offered during the Fall semester only

  • BIOL222 and FTES355 are offered during the Spring semester only

  • Students must receive no less than a grade of C in all required and cognate courses

  • Current adult CPR/AED certification required

  • We are currently an American Council on Exercise (ACE) testing site and students can choose to get certified in the following areas upon completion of the course work: Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor


The information on these web pages is for information purposes only. While every attempt has been made to provide accurate information, the Andrews University Bulletin is the final and authoritative guide on regulations such as admission, general, core, major, and cognate requirements.

2015-16 Bulletin


For More Information Please Contact

Jasel McCoy Director of Fitness and Exercise Studies jasel@andrews.edu