The Early College Application

Students can apply for the Early College Experience in one of two ways; online through our enrollment management site or by using our fillable form. In addition to the application you will need to submit a copy of your high school transcript and the relevant standardized test scores. Once completed, your documents will be reviewed and you will receive a decision letter by email shortly. If you have already sent in your transcripts and test scores with your application for the fall semester, you do not need to resubmit them for the summer program. Instructions for both application options are listed below.


Visit the online application right Here or by visiting Choose the undergraduate application and be sure to apply as a guest student. In addition, make sure you choose the summer term and click yes for Early College. The rest of the application is simple and should only take a few minutes to complete. 

Fillable Form

Please download and complete the application. The application is a fillable pdf and should be submitted by email to when completed. Be certain to save the form to your desktop and double check that you are not sending back a blank document. 

Application Steps

  • Open the application and save to your desktop or Complete the Online Appliction
  • Complete the application and save
  • Email the completed application, a copy of your high school transcripts and tests scores to
  • The application and all application materials must be submitted by July 15.


Early College Application


After we receive the application and additional documents, we will review your information and you will receive a decision letter. If you are admitted to the program, you will receive an acceptance letter with instructions on your next steps and payment information. Please remember, acceptance to the Early College Program is not an admission to Andrews University as a fulltime student. If you are interested in a degree program at Andrews University, please visit the Enrollment Management Department here.


If you have any trouble with the application or have questions, please contact us at