Summer Honors Scholars

Established in 1966, the mission of the J. N. Andrews Honors Program is to foster the scholarly, spiritual and social potential of talented students. We are pleased to extend the JN Honors Program to our Early College Participants as they prepapre for a unique college experience. 

Why Honors?

Being an Honors student means immersion in a learning environment with other motivated and thinking students. Honors students learn alongside peers who are eager to expand their minds through challenge. Honors students have exclusive research opportunities and actually complete fewer General Education credits through the SAGES program.

What is SAGES?

SAGES stands for Scholars' Alternative General Education Studies. The SAGES program offers students a new way to learn by giving them the opportunity to replace many general education credits through interdisciplinary courses, discussion, and seminars revolving around 'great books' and other important texts.

How it Works

Students who join the Summer Honors Scholars will participate in courses designed to fit into the SAGES curriculum. Planning your academic journey is important, and we want to make sure you are taking the right courses for your program should you choose to attend Andrews University after you graduate from high school. Students in this program will still have the opportunity to participate in the afternoon seminars and educational trips. Students can participate in both the Summer Leadership Lab and the Summer Honors Scholars program.

Participants will take on of the following two courses:

Transcribing the Self: Honors Writing

Civilizations and Ideas I: History of the Silk Road

Above: Our 2018 Summer Scholars Enjoyed an Evening of Shakespeare by viewing Othello at Notre Dame


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