Guidelines for Site Coordinators

Thank you for hosting Doctor of Ministry students from Andrews University Seminary on your campus for their intensive teaching module. These guidelines will help you provide a positive experience for these guests.

  1. The site representative should identify the person who will be available on site to facilitate program needs both before and during the teaching module.
  2. The Doctor of Ministry office at Andrews University Seminary will communicate with you regarding dates, directions to the campus, lodging facilities, places to obtain meals, etc. The administrative assistant for the DMin program at Andrews may be reached at, or call 269-471-3552.
  3. The class size is targeted at 25. The room should comfortably facilitate the use of seminar tables set up in a "U" shape, movement of chairs, adequate space, etc. Generally, a minimum of 900 square feet is needed in the meeting room. Since the teaching modules include work in small groups, four areas for small groups to meet within a five-minute walk of the central classroom will be needed. Please identify those areas for us.
  4. A video projector that accepts data, a screen, overhead projector, a whiteboard, markers, erasers, an easel with drawing pad, and a moveable lectern are needed. Please assure they are in the room at the beginning of the teaching module.
  5. Seating for participants should be provided at writing desks or tables. Again, these should be arranged in a "U" shape, with the teacher's lectern at the open end of the "U".
  6. Please assure that the room and building are opened, lighted, and heated/cooled for the teaching module. Most teaching modules begin on a Sunday evening.
  7. All communication with students and presenters prior to the teaching module will be handled by the Doctor of Ministry office or lead teacher for the course. If something comes to your attention that needs to be communicated to teachers or students, please inform the Doctor of Ministry office at Andrews.
  8. You will be given an electronic file and asked to print ten copies on legal-size paper for posting on your campus, of an "Andrews University Doctor of Ministry Intensive" welcome poster. This will help direct the guests to the correct building and room on your campus. Thank you for helping students feel comfortable by posting these flyers the Friday before the teaching module begins.
  9. Occasionally the lead teacher may need extra copies of class materials. They will be asked to contact you for assistance.
  10. Please have the security or plant services department of your campus be responsible for securing the building at nights and reopening in the mornings. We will need them to open and secure rooms for small group break-out sessions as well. Our teaching modules generally begin at 7:00 p.m. on a Sunday and continue Monday through Friday for two weeks from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Teachers like to get into the room 15 minutes early.
  11. Parking can be confusing to guests on campus. Please inform the Doctor of Ministry office where you would like these Doctor of Ministry students to park. Directions would be helpful. If you wish to grant temporary permits, please provide them to the Doctor of Ministry office so that students can receive them prior to arriving on campus.
  12. Site costs shall be negotiated prior to the start of the teaching module.