The Master of Divinity (MDiv) is a 78-credit professional program recommended as the prime graduate training for Adventist ministry by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and the North American Division. It is a two to three year professional program (including summers) for full-time students. Additional semesters may be required for students lacking prerequisites.

The current academic bulletin will give you all of the department offerings, course descriptions, degree options, and full program requirements. The table below is a simplified list of requirements for the basic MDiv degree. 


  Master of Divinity 78
Course # Course Name Cr. Req.
  Christian Ministry (CHMN) 19
PATH523 Worship: Word and Music 2
PATH539 Ch. Growth & the Equipping Pastor 3
PATH543 Christian Leadership in Chg Wrld 2
PATH555 Pastoral Counseling 2
PATH560 Advanced Ministerial Development 2
PATH562 Field Evangelism 3
PATH567 Health Ministry 1
PATH Adv. Preaching Elective (CHMN List) 2
PATH NADEI Core Elective 2
  Discipleship and Religious Education (DSRE) 9
DSLE503 Marriage, Family & Interpers'l. Rel. 2
DSLE534 Ministry to Youth & Young Adults 2
DSLE541 Foundations of Biblical Spirituality 3
DSLE615 Collaborative Ministry 2
  Church History (CHIS) 7
CHIS624 Issues in Ellen G. White Studies 2
CHIS674 Development of SDA Theology 3
CHIS CHIS Core Elective List 2
  World Mission 6
MSSN546 Mission in Cultural & Relg Context 3
MSSN MSSN Core Elective List 3
  New Testament (NTST) 8
NTST NT Exegesis Core Elect.  (NTST List A) 3
NTST NT Theology Core Elect. (NTST List B) 3
NTST NT Background Elective (NTST List C): 2
  Old Testament (OTST) 8
OTST OT Exegesis Core Elect.  (OTST List A) 2
OTST OT Theology Core Elect. (OTST List B) 2
OTST674 Daniel 2
ANEA510 Archaeology & the Bible OR 2
OTST Biblical Archeology Core Elective (OTST List C)  
  Theology (THST) 13
THST611 Revelation, Inspiration & Hermeneutics 3
THST616 Syst. Theo. Core Elect. (THST List A) 3
THST635 Issues in Origins 2
THST Hist. Theo. Core Elect. (THST List A) 2
THST605 Princ. of Christian Ethics OR 2
THST Ethics - Adv. Core Elect.  
  Interdisciplinary (GSEM) 2
GSEM530 Doctrine of the Sanctuary 2
  0 Credit Colloquia - one per fall/spring semester 0
GSEM505 Colloquia: 0

* All students must meet the Revelation requirement. If you have taken an undergraduate Revelation course from an approved SDA college in the last 10 years, this requirement is met. If you have NOT taken an undergraduate Revelation within the last 10 years, you must take NTST530 Intro to Revelation or NTST539 Studies in Revelation. 

** "The Great Controversy, Covenant, Law, Sabbath" class must be taken to satisfy a core elective in one of these 4 departments: CHIS, THST, OTST, NTST.

Thesis Option

Students anticipating academic doctoral studies after the completion of their MDiv program are advised to undertake the thesis option as some academic institutions require a master’s-level thesis for entry into doctoral programs. 

The thesis counts as 6 general elective credits allowed for the MDiv degree. Students should register for 2 or more thesis credits per term for at least two semesters. Therefore, initial registration for a thesis must be no later than two semesters prior to graduation. Students selecting to write an MDiv thesis must apply to the director of the program and must

  1. Demonstrate superior scholarship over a minimum of two consecutive semesters, normally with a GPA of 3.50 or above;
  2. Take Research Methods before the thesis is started; and
  3. Submit a paper of superior quality before permission is granted by the director to begin writing the thesis.

The student is guided in thesis preparation by a three-member committee appointed by the director in consultation with the student and department chair in which the subject of the thesis is chosen. The chair of this committee serves as the thesis advisor.

The format of the thesis must conform strictly to the Andrews University Standards for Written Work. Students are strongly urged to consult the dissertation secretary before formatting and printing a thesis.

At least six weeks before graduation, the committee-approved draft of the thesis should be submitted to the dissertation secretary. After appropriate changes have been made, the corrected copy should be submitted at least four weeks before graduation to the dissertation secretary for approval. Copying on non-acid paper should be completed at least two weeks before graduation. Three copies of the thesis, including a 150-word abstract and an approval sheet, must be submitted to the dissertation secretary. The abstract should contain a short statement of the problem examined, a brief exposition of methods and procedures, and a condensed summary of the findings.

Students obtain a Thesis Completion Form from the dissertation secretary. They must take the form to the Academic Records Office no later than noon on Friday, a week preceding graduation. A fee is charged by the university for binding the three copies of the thesis, two of which are deposited in the library and one in the department in which the student earns the degree.

Students who do not adhere strictly to the deadlines noted above will have their graduation postponed. Thesis candidates must pass an oral examination no later than two weeks before graduation. The candidate is expected to demonstrate mastery of the thesis topic.