AU Working Policy



Legal Documents of the University  (1:736:1)

The legal documents of the university such as the charter, titles, deeds, and seal, rest in the custody of the president who may delegate responsibility for protection of these items to other officers of the university.

Archives and Records of the University  (1:736:2)

The Andrews University Archives (AUA), located at the Center for Adventist Research in the James White Library, manages all university records and protects the archives of the university. The University Archives Committee (see policy #1:610:10) establishes policies for management of records and archives in harmony with generally recognized standards.

University Records  (1:736:3)

University records are defined as all official administrative records, regardless of their form or format, whether published or unpublished, paper, audio visual or electronic, that are created, owned, used, in the possession of or retained by the executive officers and staff of central administrative offices, deans and staff of the respective colleges, schools, departments, administrative offices, centers, institutes, museums, the library and any other university entity. Faculty teaching materials and class records are not considered university records.

All university records belong to Andrews University and are managed according to established Andrews University policies.

Retention and disposition of records generated by university entities follow the procedures outlined in the Andrews University Archives and Records Management Manual. The above mentioned university administrators, faculty and staff in cooperation with the Andrews University Archives are responsible to ensure that these records are properly managed and transferred to the AUA for retention in accordance with the established records retention schedules (see Appendix 2-E).

Access to Records  (1:736:4)

All university records are closed to users outside the office of origin unless specifically opened by the originating office. Closure decisions and closure durations are subject to compliance with university policy and applicable laws. The University Archivist supervises closure and release of University records.