College Entrance Exams

ACT (College entrance paper-based testing).

Andrews University testing center is a Sunday testing site. Students must register and obtain further information at

A limited supply of paper based application packets are also available at the Counseling & Testing Center (while supplies last). 

IMPORTANT: Sunday test dates immediately follow the Saturday test dates that are listed online. When registering select the Saturday date that precedes the Sunday on which you would like to test. Enter the Andrews University test center code (019921). Your registration ticket will reflect the Sunday test date on which you will report for testing.

Test dates for the  2021 - 2022 school year:

September 12, 2021

October 24, 2021

December 12, 2021

February 13, 2022

April 3, 2022

June 12, 2022

July 17, 2022

Note: The test location (usually Bell Hall) will be indicated on the test ticket provided by ACT . On some occasions, there might be a change of venue depending on the number of registered test takers. Signs will be posted at both the old and new locations. Please be careful to observe the signs posted on test day!


ACT  On-Campus (Residual)

(For Admissions to Andrews University ONLY)

Students who are in the process of applying to attend Andrews University may take the ACT Residual as as means of meeting AU admission requirements. Prior approval must be obtained from Undergraduate Enrollment.

IMPORTANT: ACT Residual scores cannot be used for any other purpose other than for admissions to AU. Score reports cannot be transfered to any other institution.

  • How to Register to Take the ACT Residual:

  1. Obtain approval to take the ACT Residual by contacting an enrollment counselor in Undergraduate Enrollment (ext 6343)
  2. Undergraduate enrollment will send an email confirmation to the Counseling & Testing Center
  3. Test taker must contact the Counseling & Testing center to schedule an appoinment by calling 269-471-3470 or stopping by the office located in Bell Hall room 123. Tests are offered daily providing there is an available 4 hour time slot.
  • Fees:

             $75.00 (payment in cash ONLY or charged to an AU account). Fees are paid on test day.

  • On Test Day:

             Bring: 1) A valid photo ID

                         2) Payment of $75.00 (cash only or charged to AU account)

                         3) An approved calculator

  • Score Reports

             Test scores are sent directly to Undergraduate enrollment within 24 to 48 hours after testing concludes.


SAT - (College entrance paper-based testing).

We are a Sunday testing site for SAT. Visit for further information including SAT practice materials.

Official SAT Registration Guidelines:

Sunday testing is only available if you cannot test on Saturday due to religious observance. Sunday test dates immediately follow each Saturday test date. Testing on both Saturday and Sunday is not permitted. If you are registering for Sunday testing for the first time, you can now register online.

  • Submit an explanation of religious observance

             Include a written and signed explanation from your cleric on letterhead from your religious institution with your registration form.

Test dates for the 2021 - 2022  school year:

March 14, 2021

May 09, 2021

June 06, 2021

August 29, 2021

October 03, 2021

November 07, 2021

December 05, 2021

March 13, 2022

May 08, 2022

June 26, 2022