Expense Report or Accounts Payable


2nd floor Ad Bldg.
Faculty/Staff Reimbursements ONLY.   Must have receipts!


  1. Mileage, tolls, parking
  2. Per diem (overnight trips only, otherwise actual meal costs)
  3. Airline tickets,   Car rental
  4. Overnight Accommodations
  5. Reimbursement for purchases (office supplies, office party expenses)
  6. Reimbursement for off-site office activities
  7. Miscellaneous forms:  
    Professional Membership Reimbursement
    Required Certification or Licensor fees
    Doctoral Reimbursement if it is processed through a Department.

Unauthorized Purchases that will not be reimbursed:  Domestic travel insurance/protection; hotel insurance; rental car insurance; product warranties; cell phone accessories.

**Account #  and purpose of expense should be written on EACH receipt.**



2ND floor Ad. Bldg.

1)  All Invoices
                                 Note: If invoice has been paid with a Corporate Credit Card, please attach invoice to the Credit Card Statement.

2)  Corporate Credit Card Statements:
                                 Please write account #s and purpose for purchase on each receipt.
                                  See Corp Credit Card section on Resources page for more detail.

3)  Reimbursements: for non-employee and students.
4)  Advance payments: for functions, deposits.  Travel is not paid in advance.  It is not reimbursed until after incurrance of event.  For Employee advance travel, see Expense/Travel Assistant.
5)  Honorariums/Payment for Services (for non-employees only*)
                               *If Payee is currently working on campus, payment for services must be submitted to Payroll Office


NOTE: All check requests submitted should have appropriate paperwork attached to substantiate request.